In Fitness you must do these two things…

From personal trainers to MMA mega centers everyone has a goal and it should be to acquire clients and keep clients.  If you have one client or 100 clients a day you should be working on these two things…

Basic social interaction needs to take place.  You need to talk with your people.  Not to them- 10 more reps! or at them-no no do eat that! You already told them they have terrible form, eat stupid food, can’t hold their core tight and need drink more water.   Enough telling more listing.  In my experience there are not enough fitness professionals that step off of their soap box and take a minute to listen to their client.  You should know about where your clients work, where they are from and what they are into.  They need to do the talking not you.  You ask simple open ended questions and let them respond.  Be sure to listen and be engaged not checking out your forearms or reading email. Five minutes of your time will generate more business in two ways.

1. They will be an active member longer.  They will feel vested and important.  It is human nature to want to be around people who listen to you.

2.  They will be more likely to bring a friend into a welcoming environment where they feel connected.  More friends, more clients, more business.

People recall conversations I had with them over six months ago about their vacation or the hard day they had at work.  They look up to you and value your advice.  This may sound like common sense, but during your I am so busy I am an owner/trainer/coach schedule I am sure you blew someone off that just needed five minutes.  So start today, pick a client and get to know them.

First Thing: Socially engage and listen to your clients

Food is second to religion and politics in terms of opinionated heated arguments on what is “right”.  I have my opinion on food and I will admit it has changed quite a bit over the years.  It does not matter if you preach about eating the veggies or think meat equals muscle, what matters is that you give good advice that works.  I am not here to debate the glucose path of fruit that is broken down after 10 reps of heavy deadlifts.  Get rid of the specific scientific advice and get down to the basics.  These people, your clients are most likely siting in front of you because they have failed at every other diet they have tried before.  You giving them a 30 day meal plan and telling them to stick to it is wrong.  It is just like the infomercial they bought into about losing 30 lbs in 10 days and the green drink they bought to lose 10 lbs in one week.

You sat down and told them what to do.  It is basic human nature to be defensive when someone says “Look your wrong.  Eat this.  No time to cook, well make time.  You do not like greens.  Eat it anyway.”

So instead, sit down with your new member and let them talk about their frustrations with food and come up with a plan together.  Do not shut down everything they do.  Start small and let them ask you questions.  Three easy tips for a beginner to focus on are…

AMOUNT of food- Do not over eat

TYPE of food- Very important piece, quality is huge when it comes to nutrition

TIMING of food- Post workout is optimal for a your biggest meal of the day

I took this mantra from Dr. John Berardi.  He offers a great course on nutrition.  He spent years studying nutrition, got his PHD in it and he goes back to the basics to help his clients not a science lesson.

Second Thing: Help your clients with nutrition advice

Run seminars, send out emails, give out packets, run a webinar, or hold a meeting on Saturday to talk about  nutrition.  Whatever you do make it accessible, lead by example and do not tell them what to do.  Work with together maybe you will learn something from them.

Do not say “Yeah I talk to clients and they know about good food, nothing new here.”  How can you do a better job?  There must be a client you have not talked to in a week.  Reach out to them. What can you do today to work on these strategies?  If need suggestions on how to get started let me know.

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  • Joshua Sommo

    This was a great article! Very helpful especially because Im a new coach and have very little experience
    Working with my athletes. Awesome!

    • admin

      Thanks Josh. Hope it helps when you open your own spot in the future also!

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