4 Steps to a Successful Fitness Blog

Step 1: Capture Two Ideas a Day

Write down two ideas for blog posts a day.  The biggest problem with ideas is people do not write them down.  Take action today and start by getting out a notebook, putting them in your phone or keeping them on your computer.  Pick one spot and store them all there.

If you are at a loss one day for new ideas try to develop a new angle on an old idea; or grab some headlines from your favorite gossip magazine.  After looking through the magazine you will see those are highly paid professionals coming up with the attention grabbing titles.

Step 2: Create Quality

People will not read garbage.  Posting everyday is no good unless it is quality.  People have a choice to come to your site and they will not come if they are not benefiting, learning or being entertained from the information you are putting out.

Base your posts off research.  People love to share new and innovative ideas, but who likes to read the whole scientific journal article.   Another way to create quality is by using results content.  Track members at your gym or even track yourself.  It could be weight loss or how much you can shoulder press.  People like numbers and results.

Step 3: Do Not Break the Chain

A while back I read a post about a blogger who consulted the great comedian Jerry Seinfeld for advice. Jokes and blogging can be very similar.  We both need to relate to our audience and come up with new creative material.

His secret to success was writing jokes everyday.  So write a blog post everyday? It could be everyday or once a week.  You pick the frequency depending on your schedule.  Well his secret to not missing a day was having a big calender that he could see everyday.  When he wrote a joke he put a big red X on the day.  This created a chain.  As the chain grew he did not want to break it.

I have used this method and it works.  Creating this chain creates a habit and after a few weeks it becomes part of your day.  Looking for that one big breakthrough rarely happens.  Building on consistent action amounts to extraordinary results. “Do not break the chain!”

Step 4: Take Action

Sounds easy, but it is so important I listed it as a step.   Most people will read this, click over to facebook to change their status and continue to check up on old high school friends.

Not you though.  You are planning to run out during your break to take action.  Grab your calender to make your first big red X and be on your way.

Start with a plan, get it together in your head then write it down.  Take 10 minutes these next 7 days and get started.  If this is your goal, your dream and your passion you can make it work.

When you try it leave me a comment below. It would be awesome to hear from you!

  • Ibrahim

    Thanks You for the solid information. I appreciate the advice about creating a quality blog that people WANT to read as compared to posting the conventional “boring” blog. – Best of luck!

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