4 Step to create more than just a gym

The single most important thing in a small gym is creating a community.  This can be done with five  members or five hundred members, but it must be done.  Communities create friendships and that creates dedicated, die hard, I will support you type members.

1) The owner of the facility needs to interact with every single person who joins their facility.  Meet them in person or at the very least call them and welcome them to the gym.  The conversation can be about anything just give them your time and they will feel appreciated and welcomed.

2) Use social media to communicate.  Through facebook, email, twitter or your website.  Push resources their way that you know are credible, not spam.  It takes minutes of your time and they will appreciate it and have something to talk to you and the members about.

3) Host an event.  It could be anything from a pot luck to a full on weight lifting event.  Just for your members and their friends.  People will interact here, bonds will form and they will come to the gym because it is their new social circle.

4) Create a challenge.   Your members compete and get bragging rights.  Put their name up in the gym or on the website give them a shout out on facebook.  Keep it simple and it will create conversation and friendship.

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.  Should there be a fifth step to creating more then just a gym?